10 Kid-Friendly Snacks You Can Make in 5 Minutes

kid friendly snacks

As busy parents, it’s easy to always feel like we’re in a rush. Children are also growing fast and can seem hungry all the time. For both adults and children, it’s easier to make bad choices when we’re hungry, so keeping healthy, quick, and easy snacks nearby is important. Make sure you have a few simple items in your refrigerator or pantry so you’ll be prepared when the snack monster hits. Here are ten go-to snacks to help keep your family going strong!

1. Rip’s Big Bowl
2. Veggies and Dip
3. An Apple (or Any Other Fruit!) a Day
4. Fruit Smoothies
5. Open-Faced Hummus Sandwich
6. Fruit and Veggie Salads
7. No-Bake Cookies With Dates
8. Fast Pita Pizzas
9. Quick Bean Salads
10. Leftover Cooked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

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